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The Sonic Etc Claims Community

Sonic Etc Claims
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Claim anything from the Sonic the Hedgehog universes (except characters and songs).

Welcome to Sonic Et Ceterac Claims!

Welcome to Sonic Etc Claims! This community gives you the chance to claim anything from the Sonic the Hedgehog universes. The only exceptions to this are characters and songs: For character claims, head on over to our sister community, sonic_claims. For song claims, give sonic_jams a whirl!


1.) You must be a member to make a claim!

2.) Members may have five (5) claims total. Claims can be games, zones, items, episodes, toys and other merchandise, clothes, vehicles, et cetera and so on. Please note, however:
  • Users are limited to two claims per category.
  • Claims must be PG-13 at most.
3.) Read the Claims List (below) before making a claim! It's first come, first serve.

4.) Claims must be made in New Posts to the community, in the following format: [Category]: [Claim for that Category]

5.) Claims may be added (up to five), dropped, or traded at any time. In the same vein, should you delete your journal but wish to keep your claims, you MUST contact me with your new journal name, or your claims will be automatically dropped.

6.) Claims must be Approved.

7.) Once approved, please feel free to show off your shiny new claims in your user info! If you do, though, please link back to sonicetc_claims; we appreciate it. :3


Archie Comics Story Arcs
Treasure Team Tango - adoring

Knuckles & Rouge's Post Battle Scene in Sonic Adventure 2 - queenhyprshadow
Sonic's Surprise Party Scene in Sonic Generations - adoring

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (16-bit) - ceasefire
Sonic Adventure DX - ms_freak112
Sonic Adventure 2 - queenhyprshadow
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - shadowobsessed
Sonic Heroes - inuyasha32
Shadow The Hedgehog - spongy_anime

Game Zones
Radical Highway - queenhyprshadow
Toy Kingdom - em_chan
White Jungle - queenhyprshadow

Air Necklace - wumpafruit
Light Blue Chaos Emerald - mizunokati
Master Emerald - ashlichan
NiGHTS Chao - ashlichan
Power Ring - kojirou
Piko-Piko Hammer - natsukii
Red Chaos Emerald - ducjo_orpor
Rouge's Temptation - ashlichan
Shadow's Gun - sara_kitsune
Spring - megadrive
Violet Sol Emerald - adoring

1994 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys - adoring

Club Rouge - ashlichan
Knothole Village - ashlichan
Southern Island - adoring

Shadow's Motorcycle - queenhyprshadow

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